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Lara Fuentes was born on May 11th, 1979 in Barcelona, Spain. She began to study psychology in the Universitat de Barcelona, and after working in a TV and movies production company, she began to work as a freelance journalist for press and radio media. After a few years, she began to work for a publishing company as editor of a magazine and as a writer for other projects, such as children books, tourism articles and specialized books under a pen name,

She has work as a community manager, and editor for both digital and printed books.

She is the writer of the graphic novel “15M Voces de una revolución” (2011), illustrated by Patricio Clarey, and cowriter  alongside Patricio Clarey of the graphic novel “La sombra de don Quijote” (2015), both published by Panini Comics Spain. 

Patricio Clarey was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on February 14th, 1978. He graduated Fine Arts in the Martin A. Malharro University in Mar del Plata, specializing as illustrator and graphics designer. Shortly after graduate he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he worked as conceptual artist and Art Director of a magazine and as book covers’ illustrator. He also developed several personal projects working on the scripts, storyboards and conceptual art from some science fiction stories, until he began to work with writer Lara Fuentes as the artist of the graphic novel “Archeologists of Shadows”.

During 2011 he worked as the artist of the comic book “15M Voces de una revolución” published by Panini Comics in Spain, written by Lara Fuentes.

Some of his works have been included in the Ballistic Publisher’s CG Artists book Exposé 9, and Exposé 11; Leewiart’s book featuring International comic book’s artists The comics, and Dopress Book’s Layout of Digital Art Techniques & Process.

His latest published work as artist (and cowriter with Lara Fuentes) is the graphic novel “La sombra de don Quijote”, published by Evolution Comics (Panini Comics), in 2014.