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Archeologists of Shadows is a fantasy drama series that narrate the process of evolution of a society and its different perspectives: the Authorities are in favor of the mechanization considering it the desire of the Gods, while the resistance does not believe that, and look for ways to communicate with the Gods and find out the real cause of mechanization and how to avoid it. AOS is based on the duality: the Gods are a God and a Goddess, the protagonists and possible Alter Egos of the Gods represent two sides of the same coin, and two ways of thinking and acting. They will face issues such as free will vs. fate, certainty vs. doubt, courage vs. fear and inaction vs. will power.


Archeologists of Shadows is set in a world where every living organism is being mechanized. The Authorities defend and promote the mechanization, while the Resistance struggle against the impositions of the Authorities. The Archeologists of Shadows study the possible causes of the mechanization from the premise that it is not caused by the will of the Gods. Their mission is to find the Alter Egos, the representatives of the Gods in the world, and the only ones who can communicate with them, and also find portals of communication with the Gods to prevent mechanization to end their world as they know it.

Alix and Baltimo are two
Without Destination, ie two people sentenced to travel in the No Destination Train until the Gods grant them a destination, a purpose in life and a role in society. After escaping from the train in which they feel prisoners, they will be persecuted by the Authorities, lead by Sir Estragon, who suspects that behind that escape are hiding something deeper that two resistant Without Destination; and by the Resistance, sent by the Archeologists of Shadows, who believe that Alix and Baltimo could be the Alter Egos and thus able to communicate with the Gods.

Baltimo and Alix, during their flight, must find out who they are and what is their fate and their role in the cold war that is taking place in their world.